Ultralight Padded Waistcoat-bodywarmer

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Introducing our new ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer, filled with eco-friendly-down, the perfect combination of function and fashion! Our bodywarmer is designed to be ultralight and incredibly warm, making it the ideal garment for your outdoor adventures, whether you are outdoors, on the road, exploring a new city or just taking a stroll in the park.

We understand that our customers are looking for more than just a warm and functional bodywarmer. You are looking for a garment that is stylish, versatile and environmentally conscious. That's why our ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer is filled with eco-friendly-down, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it both eco-friendly and sustainable.

We also know that our customers want a garment that can be worn in any situation. That's why our ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer is designed to be just as stylish and functional. Its sleek and modern design makes it the perfect complement to any outfit, whether you're dressing up or dressing down.

But we don't just want to sell you a bodywarmer, we want to offer you an experience. We want you to feel confident, comfortable and stylish when you wear our ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer. We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the cold, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Our ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer is more than just a garment, it's a statement. A statement about your commitment to sustainability, your love of nature, and your sense of style. It's a garment that will make you feel good about yourself, both inside and out.

So why wait? Order your ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer today and experience the perfect combination of function and fashion, all while making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and stylish world, one garment at a time.

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What are your benefits while wearing the Ultralight Waistcoat-bodywarmer?

Warmth: Despite its lightweight construction, an ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer is designed to provide warmth and insulation, making it a great choice for layering in colder weather. The bodywarmer is typically made from high-quality insulating materials, as eco-friendly-down which keeps you warm.

Comfort: The lightweight construction of the bodywarmer makes it comfortable to wear and easy to move in. It's an ideal choice for outdoor activities. If you really want to test the functionality it is also suitable hiking, camping, or skiing, as it provides warmth without feeling bulky or restrictive.

Versatility: An ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer can be worn as a standalone piece or as a layering piece under a heavier coat, depending on the weather conditions. This versatility makes it a great addition to any wardrobe, as it can be worn in a variety of situations.

Packability: An ultralight waistcoat bodywarmer is typically designed to be packable, meaning it can be easily folded or compressed into a small size for storage or travel. This makes it a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who need to pack light.

Style: Waistcoat bodywarmers come in a two colors, making it easy to find one that fits your personal style and matches your other clothing items.

Comfort fit, model is 185cm and fits size L.

We help you find the perfect size in just a few easy steps. No measuring tape is required! Our innovative algorithm ensures you will be recommended the right size.

100% polyester

1. Machine wash 30 degrees
2. No chlorine bleach allowed
3. Do not dry in the drying machine
4. Ironing max 110 degrees
5. Dry flat




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