Koll3kt works to ensure your privacy is protected when using our services. We therefore have a policy setting out how your personal data will be processed and protected. Any changes we have made to this data policy can be found by visiting our website.

Personal details

We take responsibility for all the personal data – such as your name and email address – that you provide us with when you subscribe to our newsletter on koll3kt.com.


These details are kept within the Koll3kt branch with the mother company – Superior Goods B.V. – acting as the party responsible for your personal data under the Dutch Data Protection Act and its subsidiaries acting as personal data assistants/processors on behalf of the mother company. Superior Goods B.V. maintains and processes your personal data in The Netherlands and in accordance with this Act.


We also take responsibility for all the personal data that we find out on recruitment. These details are processed within the country organization where you have directed your application while the data is stored in The Netherlands. Your country organization is also the party responsible for your personal data under the Data Protection Act of that specific jurisdiction. If you have any questions regarding your application and your personal details, please find contact information for at koll3kt.com under “Contact”.


Superior Goods B.V. will not pass on your personal details to third parties.

Why do we take your details and what are they used for?

We use the information that we collect to fulfill our commitments to you and to provide you with the service that you expect. This includes sending you news for information purposes.

Terms of use


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